Hungry or Hungary?

Photo by Hank

Photo by Hank



Molly: NO!

Me: ‘Fraid so

Molly: But I’m hung-ger-y!

Me: I don’t think you’re really hungry.  I think you’re stalling.

Hank: Are you sure you’re hungry and don’t just want to go to Hungary?

Me: Oh, I want to go to Hungary and sit at the edge of the Blue Danube, but what I am not sure about is if I want to do that in Buda or Pest.  I guess I can decide when I’m there.

Molly: Whhhhhhaaat?

Me: Hungry is a thing you are when your belly is empty and tells you to eat food and Hungary is also a place.

Molly: A place?

Hank: A place you can go!

Me: A place you can go where everyone is so hungry all the time they are called Hungarians.

Hank: Are you sure that is how it works?

Me: Have you ever had Hungarian Goulash?

Molly: Goooolash?

Hank: That isn’t a thing.

Me: It is indeed.  It is a thing like Feijoada is a thing and Chili is a thing only once you eat Hungarian Goulash you will never be satisfied by another meal ever again and will remain for the rest of your days hungry because it is that good.

Hank: Not true.

Me: The part about it being that good is true and don’t be fooled by American Imitation Goulash! The difference between the two is comparable to the difference between Crab and Imitation Crab, but I digress.

Hank: (to Molly) So do you want to go to Hungry, meet Hungarians and have goulash?

Molly: No, I want chocolate milk.

Me: Wise choice.