Be Here Now

conversations with hank and molly

(leaving the grocery store)

Molly: (desperate to practice her tight rope walking on the parking lot curb) PAPA! Papa, wait! PAPA!

Pai: (in a rush to leave)

Me: You pack the groceries. I will deal with our future circus performer.

Molly: Thanks, mama.

Me: Can you do it or do you need my hand?

Molly: (struggling to keep her balance) I can do it! (loses her balance) ARGH! I NO CAN DO IT, MAMA! (foot stomp)

Me: Would you like my hand?

Molly: (determined) Yes, I want to go there. (points to the very end of the parking lot where the curb turns at a right angle)

Me: Well, that is your problem, MaGoo.  In order for you to get all the way over there you have to be here now.

Molly: Now? Here?

Me: (holding her hand) You have to focus only on your steps now in order to keep your balance.  You cannot think that far ahead, that will only cause you to lose you focus, stumble and fall.  You have to be here now, with these steps, breath and focus on your feet.  Do the work of walking balanced here and that work will carry you to where you want to go in the end.

Molly: (holding my hand and balancing, putting one foot in front of the other) one foot, other foot, one foot, other foot.

Me: That’s the way.  Be here now. Focus.

Molly: One foot, other foot, one foot, other foot, one foot, other foot… I ALMOST THERE, MAMA! (excitedly loses focus and stumbles, grabs on to me tight) WHOA!

Me: (helping her find her balance, squeezing her hand) Don’t panic, stay calm and breathe. Don’t look ahead yet.  Be here now. You will only get there when it is time.  It takes every step to get you there, you can’t rush it, be here. Don’t get lost thinking you’re almost there and have no more work to do.  Almost is not enough.

Molly: One foot, other foot. I doing good, mama?

Me: You are doing well; focus, balance and breathe.

Molly: One foot, other foot, one foot, other foot, one foot (gasp) MAMA, I DID IT! I here. I here now.

Me: You are indeed.  Congratulations.

Molly: I here now. I good. Let’s do it again.

Me: Yes, let’s.