Zangado (Angry)

photo by Hank

photo by Hank


(sitting three deep on the sofa in our pajamas watching Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang)

Hank: (throwing his head back) ARGH! I have so much to do today!

Molly: (who does absolutely everything her big brother does these days throws her head back) ARGH!

Me: And what is it exactly that you have to do?  I thought you were done with your homework for the weekend.

Hank: I did, but…

Me: That but doesn’t sound convincing.

Hank: I didn’t lie. The things I have to do are personal: I want to finish my power point presentation about YouTube Tech Gear, I want to clean my room, I have to read over an hour today because I have fallen behind on my thirty minutes a day goal, I neeeed to start again on my bullet journal spread because yesterday just wasn’t my day and I have to recopy my notes from my notebook onto my Muji binder paper because I didn’t remember to take it to school last Friday and none of my regular paper fits into a Muji binder, only Muji paper.

Me: Well, as we have absolutely nothing to do today I wouldn’t stress yourself out.  There is plenty of time for all those thing.  Simply make yourself a to-do list and check tasks off one by one.

Hank: (in all his pre-teen glory) ARGH! Why do you always assume I am stressed out! I am not stressed out!

Me: Because of your our tone of voice and body language?

Hank: ARGH! NO! (gets up and storms off to his room)

Molly: (toddles, ungracefully off the sofa) ARGH! (collects all her many stuffed friends) ARGH! (huffing and stomping her feet)

Me: And where are you going?

Molly: I going zangado (angry) with mano (brother).

Me: Lovely, have a great time!

Molly: I love you. (smiling angelically) Thanks, mama. (pauses) ARGH! (adopting a grimace, stomps out of her room to pout with her brother in solidarity)