Conversations with Hank

At my new job even the spools are art!


For the past 15 years, Hank and Molly’s Pai (dad) has sighed in surrender and said, “I am just so behind.” This is not an exaggeration. He has said this same phrase verbatim -every single day- at least once without fail.

Over the years I assumed it was just his lack of satisfaction for a job well done, because as a passionate research scientist there is always more to do, never enough hours in the day, always something new to discover and new data to analyze, but over the last few months I finally am able to empathize. Now, at the end of every day I sigh in surrender and say, “I am just so behind.”

Purely by accident I’ve stumbled into a career in tutus. A few short months ago I traded in all of my 10,000,001 freelance contracts for a 9-5pm in an energized, highly creative environment when I am, quite literally, drowning in tutus, stunning leotards and everything ballet and I couldn’t be happier… accept where is comes to my creative work.

I know I went MIA.  I apologize to those of you who were concerned it was health related. Don’t worry, I am as well as possible. I have thought of you all daily and have still been collecting conversations religiously, but I needed some space to be polite to myself while learning something new and finding my feet again.

It would be one thing if I was just a working mom trying hard to balance creative writing and tutu sales, homework help and three year old learning curves, copy writing and watering the garden, being a wife and managing school run, but as you know I am also living with two debilitating chronic illnesses and even though my new team fully understand, embrace and accommodate my poor health and disabilities I am still ultimately the one who has to budget my energy and activity levels evenly between family, career, myself and my creative pursuits.

Thank you for giving me the time I needed to adapt to my new normal, where there are never enough hours or health enough to accomplish everything I crave doing.  This blog quite literally kept me going through three of the most challenging years of my life and it isn’t my intention to abandon this project now, but with that said my consistency may not be what it once was. Taking that into consideration I urge you, if you don’t want to miss a single conversation click one or all of the following:

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Thank you all for your kind understanding and support of this blog. I am humbled that you find joy and wisdom in the conversations I have with my children.

All the best from across the sea,
~Joy (a.k.a. Me)