conversations with hank

Hank: (bursting into the kitchen) MOM!

Me: Son!

Hank: I was just watching this YouTube video on common medical myths and did you know that gum digests like everything else in your stomach?


Hank: Like, gum doesn’t even take more time than normal food to digest!


Hank: Isn’t that crazy! Like, you totally didn’t know that.

Me: Um… yah. So, confession time!

Hank: No!

Me: Yah, so like I totally did always know that.

Hank: NO!

Me: Yah, so that is a common urban legend that parents tell kids so that they never get into the habit of swallowing gum. (bracing myself for impact)

Hank: (aghast) How dare you.

Me: Sorry?

Hank: Now, I don’t even want to tell you about how cracking your knuckles doesn’t lead to arthritis.

Me: Well, I…

Hank: Nope, I’m done.  You can’t know everything. Gotta go. Love you, bye.