Piscina (swimming pool)

conversations with hank and molly

Me: (sitting on one end of the sofa reading)

Molly: (sitting on the other end of the sofa watching Charlie and Lola eating grapes)

Me: (my peripheral vision pulls my attention to Molly who is tearing a grape in half and inspecting its guts, she then pokes at the grape flesh a bit before tugging up her t-shirt and squeezing the grape’s juice into her belly-button)

Molly: (absolutely delighted with herself giggles) LOOOK, MAMA! It’s like a piscina (swimming pool)! My belly button is a piscina (swimming pool)!

Me: (roaring with laughter)

Molly: (tries but fails to slurp the grape juice from its teeny-tiny swimming pool)

Me: (positively purple with laughter)

Molly: (joins in causing a mini grape juice tsunami)