conversations with hank

Me: (Tucking Molly in bed)

Hank: (dashes through the door) Wait, I need to help tuck in my mana (sister)!

Molly: Mano (brother)!

Hank: (wrapping Molly in a big, strong hug)

Molly: I love you, mano (brother)!

Hank: I love you so much, mana (sister)!

Molly: I love you so much!

Hank: How many people in this house love Amália? (raises his hand)

Me:  (raise my hand) Hank makes one and I make two and papa makes three…

Molly: And ME! (raises her hand enthusiastically) And MEEEEE, mama. That four. Me makes four. I love me! I love me, too!