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What you can’t hear in this photo is Molly whispering again and again, “You’re my best friend,” to the Brachiosaurus. If you’re ever near Lourinhã, Portugal and your kids love dinosaurs check out Dino Park.


My tea is cold.
My tea is cold because I am over thinking this. I am over thinking this because I am an over-thinker. These things are cyclical. Therefore, I will just start at the beginning and when I get to the end I’ll stop.

Six months ago I took a job and I quickly learned that job wasn’t right for me and if there is one thing I know to be true it is if something doesn’t fit don’t force it to.

So I made a clean exit; no hard feelings. I learned and relearned some lessons and now I am back to where I was six months ago only a bit out of practice.

But enough about me… Here are the headlines:

6th grade

6th grade


Hank is thriving.
For the first time he entered a new school year without fits and sobs and through his own making a member of the honor roll (a first and we’re very proud of him).
His eleventh birthday came and went; celebrated quietly (just the way he likes it) with Chili-Cheese Fries and a Belgian waffle with nutella and gelato instead of brownies.
He has a core group of friends that are amazing and supportive.
And he would very much like to be moved to a supporting roll in these conversations and we are going to honor that request.


This day was always coming. Hank is incredibly private. He has approved the publication of every conversation on this blog and now he would like to pass the torch off to his sister and trust me, Molly is up for the challenge.

Molly's first day of Pré (preschool)

Molly’s first day of Pré (preschool)


Molly is growing so fast we can hardly keep up!

She started school (preschool) and all three of us took her to her first day. Probably the hardest thing the three of us had to do, because she was scared and cried, but no where close to the way Hank, Pai and I sobbed when we got to the car, but she punched fear in the face and now is doing amazingly.

Photo 27-08-2018, 12 30 31

Molly took her beloved Ankylosaur, Hank, to the Dino Park so he could be with other Ankylosaurus!

With her love of Dinosaurs, Hulk and skeletons (this one is new, she is obsessed with the body, especially with bones) and her love of mothering small things, baby dolls and barbies Molly scuttles between both the boys and the girls clicks with ease!

She is observant, stubborn and understands the radicle power of no.




Conversations will resume tomorrow.

If I have left you with unanswered questions please feel free to head over to our community Facebook page and ask them there. As always thank you for reading and sharing these conversations with us and thank you for your kind understanding during my blogging sabbatical.