Why is it Orange When Milk is White? A Kraft Macceroni and Cheese Question.

conversations with hank and molly kraft macaroni and cheese


Molly: Hurray! (clapping)

Hank: I can’t believe we are finally getting to try this. I have watched so many review vlogs on American Food and this is always included.

Me: I present to you, my darling chickens, my childhood: Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Molly: YUM! On my Teeny-Tiny plate, please. On my teeny-tiny plate, mama. I love massa (pasta).

Hank: (suspect)

Molly: (swan dives right in) Yummmmy.

Hank: (sampling delicately) Um…

Molly: It’s YUMMMY, Mommy!

Hank: Can I add pepper? Is it rude to say this doesn’t have a ton of flavor?

Me: Give it a good stir and pepper is a great idea.

Hank: (mixing, dashing, mixing)

Molly: More please, mama. More please on my teeny-tiny plate.

Me: Molly is putting the Americana (American) in Luso-Americana (Portuguese American)!

Hank: (with a face like something smells bad) What is this stuff made of?

Me: Cheese, obvi.

Hank: But milk is white. Why is this orange? What cheese is orange? Why is this a thing?

Me: That is possibly the most European thing you have ever said to me. We shall google.

Molly: More please. More maggeronni, please.

Hank: Would it be rude to say I didn’t like this? I don’t like this. The pepper helped, but I don’t like this.

Me: It wouldn’t be rude. This is what happens when you are raised on homemade macaroni and cheese. It doesn’t make you any less patriotic, Hank.

Hank: I love root beer and barbecue and your macaroni and cheese, but yah, I don’t like this. I appreciate Tricia and Karen (family friends visiting from the US) bringing us this to try. I just…

Molly: More, please. I like it! Maggeronni is yummy. I eat it, mano (brother). You not rude. I eat it.

Hank: Thank you, mana (sister).