Clash of the Fandoms

Queen Elsa of Arondale (notice the regal cape) Coloring

Queen Elsa of Arendelle (notice the regal cape) Coloring


Me: Amália Sofia Hanford Pereira!

Molly: (spooked, knowing the sound of her full name means she is in trouble) NOTHING!

Me: Nothing! That’s right, nothing. You have absolutely nothing on your feet.

Molly: (looks down at her feet)

Me: Where are your monster slippers?

Molly: I don’t need them.

Me: Excuse me? It is now cold, my only darling daughter, and you are sick.  You get something on your feet right now.

Molly: I don’t need shoes.

Me: Come again?

Molly: (stomps her foot)

Me: Does that foot get you anything in life?

Molly: I AM QUEEN ELSA OF ARENDELLE! I have the power of snow and ice. THE COLD NEVER BOTHER ME ANYWAY! Harrumph!

Me: And I am He-Man, Master of the Universe and By the Power of Greyskull I will not take you to the ER with pneumonia so get something on your feet, Queen Elsa. Já (quick).

Molly: (full body eye roll) Fine.

Me: And for your information, Queen Elsa always wears shoes. Ask me how I know this;(mumbling) making me watch Frozen 1,684,236 times.

Molly: (now wearing slippers, shuffles off with her royal nose in the air)