He’s My Best Friend

conversations with Hank and molly

Me: (reading the newspaper, with the sun rising over the Pousada de Santa Marinha)

Molly: (squinting sleepily, shuffling her feet, dressed in a dinosaur onesie)

Me: (putting down my newspaper, saying nothing careful to not cause the morning-Molly-pterodactyl distress lest she begins shrieking)

Molly: (tumbles up on to this sofa next to me with her pink blanket in hand)



Me: (gently, almost a whisper) Good morning, lovie.

Molly: (eyes blinking at the sunrise)


Molly: (reaches out and holds my hand)


Molly: (thinking very loudly)


Molly: (notices that next to her is her mano’s (brother’s) much loved, matching blue blanket to her pink blanket is abandoned on the sofa between us)


Molly: This is mano’s (brother’s).

Me: It is.

Molly: It’s Blue-Blanket. Mano (brother) loves Blue-Blanket.

Me: Blue-Blanket is your mano’s (brother’s) very favorite friend and constant companion for 11 years.

Molly: He has two. Mano (brother) has two Blue-Blankets.

Me: He does.

Molly: Why?

Me: Because we were worried that Hank would be heart broken if he ever lost his Blue-Blanket so Grammy Kate found him a spare. She also bought you your pink blanket, just like Mano’s (brother’s) for you to love.

Molly: Mano (brother) loves Blue-Blanket.

Me: Do you love your pink blanket?

Molly: (shaking her head no)


Molly: I don’t love a blanket, I love mano (brother). He’s my best friend. (pulls Hank’s blue blanket up to her chest)