When I was a little girl I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up then I forgot then I remembered.

This year (2014) I was honored to be offered a publishing contract from Ardozia Digital Media to publish two of my manuscripts for children in both English and Portuguese.  This unique contract was perfect for me because through the digital platform I would be able to sell my books in my two languages internationally.  Selfishly, this meant I would be able to bring my stories to life for all of my family and friends all over the world.


Shoe Mice, is available for sale through Amazon for Kindle Fire and the Kindle App and on iTunes where you can buy the animated version of my book for the iBooks App.

I was honored to be able to work with the very talented Portuguese Illustrator, Nervo, and once again with Ardozia and their team ever busy making amazing digital content for children.  Also it was a pleasure to be paired once again with Inês Mendes for the Portuguese translation of my book, Ratinhos-dos-Sapatos.

Shoe Mice aren’t ordinary mice: they are sneaky and love to toast their tummies at night in your warm boots and trainers. They don’t scamper or wiggle or squeak, except in your imagination, and when you catch one they freeze, but when you leave them alone they, quick as a flash, run back to the nearest shoe or pocket and tuck in deep.

Through the telling of this silly story, we learn that magic doesn’t just happen: it has to be made.

Shoe Mice is a delightfully colorful tale with a bonus craft tutorial at the end. Included are step by step instructions on how to bring Shoe Mice and their magic out of the story and into your home or classroom. Don’t forget to tap the illustration to find mischievous Shoe Mice scuttling about. Pure fun for all ages. (Tap animations available on the iTunes version only.)

Click on these links to have some silly Shoe Mice find their way into your lives:

Portuguese Version: (Kindle Store) (iTunes Store) (Google Play Store)

shoe-mice-cover-PT - Billy Blankenstooth

Billy Blankenstooth (Francisco Esquerdo) is about a boy who strives to achieve balance in his every day life, although he, himself is off- balanced.  Through daily training and dance inspired diligence we learn the joy achievement brings to life regardless of your disadvantages.  (Targeted for young readers 2-5)

Billy and Francisco are available for all IOS devices and the Kindle Fire for under €3/$3.  Below is a comprehensive list of where you can purchase my book for your young reader.  Thank you for your support!


(For Kindle Fire or Kindle App on IOS devices through all Amazon Stores world wide)

(The Ibooks version is ANIMATED and available for Iphone 4 and above and Ipad 2 and above):




(If you have below an Iphone 4 or an Ipad 1 consider buying the book through Amazon for the
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