Before School



Me:  Hank, get your boots please.

Hank:  (scamper)

Me:  (bending to tie Hank’s shoes) Can you do the cross and tuck. Then tell the story while I tie the bunny ears.

Hank: Of course…  cross… tuck… Pull!  There.  (As I tie both shoes) Once there was a bunny named peter and he went into Mr. McGreggor’s garden and he got caught and jumped into a whole and Mr. McGregor grabbed him by the ears, BUT peter was wearing a coat and wiggled out and ran home.  The End.

Me:  Good job.

Hank:  Mama, what are you going to do today?

Me:  Well, I am going to work on some stories and I need to jump into my manuscript and then there is perpetual laundry and emails.

Hank:  Are you drawing?

Me:  I draw every day.  Why?  What do you have in mind?

Hank:  Mama, if you have time, could you please draw more buttercup houses and the people who live there?  Like the story we were writing this weekend.

Me:  Sure.  What do the people look like?

Hank:  (with pinched finger gestures and squinty eyes) Well they’re teensy.  One is a man with blonde hair, like mine.

Me:  The color of ripe pears?

Hank:  Yes and he has green eyes and ears and a mouth.

Me:  I am pretty sure I can work on that.

Hank:  Oh thank you.  See you!

Me: Have a great day.  I will!

Hank: I will too!

buttercup houses 3


Fairies make bubbles?


Hank:  Mommy, the fairies made me a bubble island in my bath

Me: Fairies make bubbles?

Hank: Yes, they make bubbles and bottles and houses.

Me:  Good to know.

Hank:  Fairies are magic and they have wands and they wave then and go Tah-rrrring Tah-rrring.  Like that.

Me:  Fairies are magic, but you are magic too, because you have your imagination.

Hank:  And I can make a wand

Me:  And you can make the sound

Hank: (with feeling and splashing willy-nilly) Tah-rrrring! Tah-rrrrring!

Me: See…

Hank:  Magic!


Congested Eucalyptus Bath Conversation


Hank: You know?  Fairies come in your house when you’re gone.

Me: And what do they do in my house?

Hank:  They clean.

Me: They do?

Hank: yup.

Me: But if fairies come into my house and clean when we are away why do you and I and papa have to clean so much?

Hank:  Um… Because fairies are so small, so small, you can’t see their cleaning.

Me:  Oh!  And just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Hank:  That’s right.  Like gerbs.

Me: Gerbs? (pause) Wait, do you mean germs?

Hank:  Yes. Germs.  I have germs in my mouth because I am sick.  Did I lose my germs yet, mama?

Me: You’re still a bit germmie.

Hank: Ok.  OH! And fairies play music, but only on Sundays.  No Domingo (on Sunday).

Me:  I better mark my calendar.

Hank:  (flopping down up to his ears in the bath) Yes, because fairies are magicians.

Me:  That they are, but I think you mean musicians.  A musician is a person who plays music.  A magician is a person who is magical.  So fairies are magical musicians?

Hank:  On Sundays.

Me: On Sundays.