While making a little boy’s bed

pancake flipper


Me:  Hey what are you doing with my pancake flipper?

Hank:  Your what?

Me:  My grilled cheese tosser?

Hank:  Mama?

Me:  My cake server?

Hank:  (blank stare of a boy who has a very silly mama)

Me:  My spatula. What is it doing in your bed?

Hank:  (giggling) I snitched it…  but you can have it back because now I absolutely need some pancakes. (running out his bedroom door waving the snitched spatula)  COME ON MAMA you do the mixing and I do the flipping!


Congested Eucalyptus Bath Conversation


Hank: You know?  Fairies come in your house when you’re gone.

Me: And what do they do in my house?

Hank:  They clean.

Me: They do?

Hank: yup.

Me: But if fairies come into my house and clean when we are away why do you and I and papa have to clean so much?

Hank:  Um… Because fairies are so small, so small, you can’t see their cleaning.

Me:  Oh!  And just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Hank:  That’s right.  Like gerbs.

Me: Gerbs? (pause) Wait, do you mean germs?

Hank:  Yes. Germs.  I have germs in my mouth because I am sick.  Did I lose my germs yet, mama?

Me: You’re still a bit germmie.

Hank: Ok.  OH! And fairies play music, but only on Sundays.  No Domingo (on Sunday).

Me:  I better mark my calendar.

Hank:  (flopping down up to his ears in the bath) Yes, because fairies are magicians.

Me:  That they are, but I think you mean musicians.  A musician is a person who plays music.  A magician is a person who is magical.  So fairies are magical musicians?

Hank:  On Sundays.

Me: On Sundays.


Hank’s Art Lesson


 Hank: Ahhhh Mama!  I made this.

Me:  Oh!  Look at that.

Hank:  It is Caterina and Marco’s house.

Me: Wow.

Hank:  See, you said they live behind the hospital.

Me:  They do.  Great job buddy.  You showed perspective.  Do you know what perspective is?

Hank:  No.

Me: Showing perspective in a drawing is when the artist shows depth and space.  Instead of everything being even you can move around the picture.  There is an ‘in front’ and a ‘behind’.  You showed perspective in this picture when you made the hospital very big and in front and Caterina and Marco’s house smaller therefore appearing behind.  Even though they are all on the same piece of paper I can see that that their house is farther away then the hospital. Wonderful!  Who helped you with this, Professora (teacher)?

Hank: (donning his coat) No one.  This is how I see the hospital from my window at home and how I imagine Caterina and Marco’s house.

Me:  Do you know how old I was when I learned how to make perspective in my drawings?  26.

Hank:  That’s ok, Mama.  It’s not about winning.  It’s about having fun.

Me: Indeed.