Mopping Metaphor



Hank:  I have to be careful because Pai told me I can’t go anywhere it is wet.

Me:  Well you better not paint yourself into a corner.

Hank:  Mommy this isn’t paint.  It is water.  I am mopping not painting.

Me:  It’s a metaphor.

Hank: (not looking up from his task) I don’t know what that is.

Me: A metaphor is a story or phrase that isn’t what is happening, but explains it perfectly.

Pai:  (from another room) Comparison by analogy.

Me: Like ‘don’t paint yourself into a corner’ while mopping. What would happen if you painted this whole floor and don’t leave a way to get out?  You’d be trapped.  Or you’d ruin the paint with your footprints.  See how that metaphor works with mopping?

Hank:  I know!  I’ll jump my way out.


Which do you like better?

Me:  Which do you like better, Summer or Winter?

Hank:  Spring.  I like spring.  It is my best time.  It makes plants grow. I like winter and summer, Saturday and Monday and that is it.

Me:  Which do you like better, lemonade or chocolate milk?

Hank: I like both, because I tried each other, first lemonade then chocolate milk and I like both.

Me:  Well lets pretend you were going to a deserted island and you could only chose one to take with you, which would it be lemonade or chocolate milk?

Hank: Chocolate milk.  And then when it was time for no more chocolate milk I would choose water.

Me: (yelled between rooms) Riddle me this Pai…  Lemonade or chocolate milk?

Pai:  Is that a real question?

Hank:  YES!

Pai:  I don’t know.  Depends on the heat.

Hank:  Mommy, what is your favorite drink?

Me:  Vinho Verde (green wine).

Pai:  (now in the room and the conversation) That is kinda like lemonade.

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