The Moon


Hank:  You know in the day the moon is sleeping.

Me: Not true.

Hank: Yes!

Me: In the day the moon is on the other side of the earth.  In the day the moon is in Fiji and Australia.  On the other side of the world.

Pai: Yup.

Me:  The moon is too busy making the oceans’ tide to sleep.

Hank:  No!  He is tired.

Pai: Is this a story, Hank?

Hank:  Yes!

Pai: In that case, please tell us the story.

Hank: Once each day, when the sun comes out, the moon gets in his bed and goes to sleep, because he was tired form making the oceans work.  The End.

Me: Wonderful.

Pai: Great story.

Hank: So what is the real truth?


Broken Hearts



Hank: Mama tell me about bruxas.

Me:  Bruxa is the Portuguese word for witch

Hank: And witches have wands and big noses and are mean.

Me:  Some witches are mean and some witches are nice.  Just like people.

Hank: Why?

Me: A mean person most often was nice and something happened to break their heart.  Then because a broken heart is a very hard wound to heal some times the person never gets better and they become mean.

Hank:  You have had a broken heart?

Me: Yes, twice.

Hank:  Thank you for getting better, Mommy.  I love you.

Me:  Oh you’re welcome, baby.  The best things in life take a lot of work, but are worth every minute.

Hank: Ok.


Hank’s Art Lesson


 Hank: Ahhhh Mama!  I made this.

Me:  Oh!  Look at that.

Hank:  It is Caterina and Marco’s house.

Me: Wow.

Hank:  See, you said they live behind the hospital.

Me:  They do.  Great job buddy.  You showed perspective.  Do you know what perspective is?

Hank:  No.

Me: Showing perspective in a drawing is when the artist shows depth and space.  Instead of everything being even you can move around the picture.  There is an ‘in front’ and a ‘behind’.  You showed perspective in this picture when you made the hospital very big and in front and Caterina and Marco’s house smaller therefore appearing behind.  Even though they are all on the same piece of paper I can see that that their house is farther away then the hospital. Wonderful!  Who helped you with this, Professora (teacher)?

Hank: (donning his coat) No one.  This is how I see the hospital from my window at home and how I imagine Caterina and Marco’s house.

Me:  Do you know how old I was when I learned how to make perspective in my drawings?  26.

Hank:  That’s ok, Mama.  It’s not about winning.  It’s about having fun.

Me: Indeed.