A Conversation with Molly

If you look closely you can see her diva sleep mask peeking out from under the popcorn she then requested for breakfast. #SaturdayBrunch

If you look closely you can see her diva sleep mask peeking out from under the popcorn she requested for breakfast. #SaturdayBrunch


Molly: (chirping from her dark bedroom)

Me: MaGoo?

Molly: Nope, I sleeeeping.

Me: You are?

Molly: I sleeping, mama. Go away. (pregnant pause) Please.

Me: But the day has long begun.

Molly: (disappointed) Awe, no way.

Me: I’m coming in. Prepare yourself.

Molly: Wait, my mask!

Me: (turning on the light) Your what? (walk further into her bedroom to find my diva three year old, tucked warm under her covers wearing a velvet sleep mask) What in the world?

Molly: (giggling, pulling the sleep mask up on her forehead) Foi mano (Brother, did it)! I just like, mano (brother)!

Me: (sitting on the floor next to her bed) There is no one better you could be like, in my opinion.

Molly: Good morning, mama.

Me: Good morning, my littlest chicken. How was your sleeping?

Molly: Good. How your sleeping, mommy?

Me: Glorious.

Molly: (giggling) Gloreeeisssssssss!

Me: But now that we are both awake I am finally able to do my most very favorite thing in the whole world.

Molly: What that?

Me: Tickling Toddlers! (wiggle my fingers in her direction)

Molly: (eyes wide in terror) NO! No mama. Stop.


Molly: (dead serious) No mama. Cold hands. Cold hands. No.

Me: (rubbing my icy hands and fingers together)

Molly: Not now, mama. Later. Cold hands, um k?

Me: Okay.

Molly: We go play with small things. My favorite things small things. (bouncing out of bed and toddling off)

Me: (trying to warm life into my perpetually freezing hands, ready for spring)


The Pooping Ant (A Conversation with Molly)

Forget what you know to be true! conversations with hank

Forget what you know to be true!


(watching nature documentaries)

Molly: MAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMAMAMA! Looook, it’s a pooping ant.

Me: (looking up from my book ) Oh wow, cool, a centipede.

Molly: No mama, not cente-peeeee! No pee, mama, poop! It’s a pooping ant!

Me: A pooping ant?

Molly: (definitive) Yes.

Me: Well then, I will be sure to alert the scientifit community that the centipede shall from this day forward be know as the pooping ant.

Molly: Thank you, mama. I love you so much.


The Magic of a Good Book



Molly: (face buried in a book) Scared a cat where everyone is sleeping. (turns page)

Hank: Mana (sister), it is time to go to sleep.

Molly: NO, mano (brother)! I reading! Dog on a boy where everyone is sleeping (turns page)

Hank: But mana (sister), I’m tired and it is very late and mama already read you that book…

Me: (entering the room with a drip of water for each of my children served fancily in stemmed Port wine glasses) Twice.

Molly: NO! I reading (turns page)!

Me: Oh, but did you know that if you put a book, a very special book that you love with all your heart under your pillow at night the story will become your dreams.

Hank: (sipping his water, eyebrows raised, suspect) Mom.

Me: (adopting an air of Mary Poppins) Magic is real as long as you believe it or make it so for others, mano (brother).

Hank: (shifting gears) Mama is right, mana (sister). It’s true! I do it allllllllll the time.

Me: Me, too!

Molly: (finishing her water) Me, too-too! Please?

Me: Well alright, but you have to go to sleep.

Molly: (excited) Okay! (hands me back her empty glass and tucks her favorite book under her pillow) Like this?

Me: Exactly, now close your eyes and turn the pages of your book in your imagination and the story will become your dreams!

Hank: (hands me back his empty glass) Good night, mama.

Me: Good night, buddy.

Molly: SHHHHhhhhhhh, I reading-dreaming!