Brother Sister Time


Hank: (from the next room) Mama, please stay out of this room. Molly and I are having special brother sister time. No mothers aloud.

Me: (giggling) Sure. If you need me I am right here.

Hank: I know.

Me: (smiling)

Hank: Molly, how do you feel about some cartoons? (turning on the T.V.) Yes! Adventure TIME! (most probably doing a happy dance)

Molly: (two sneezes)

Hank: Mom. Molly is fine.

Me: Great, thanks.

Hank: Molly MaGoo, I bet watching Adventure Time would be much better with these. (pause) Oh yah, you don’t know what these are, you’re new. These are binoculars. You look through them at stuff and stuff gets bigger and cooler. (pause) Yup. Adventure Time is cooler and bigger. You wanna try? Molly? (pause) Raise your hand up if you want to try. (pause) No? Ok, maybe when you’re bigger. (pause) This is the best brother sister time ever.

Me: (peeking around the corner to witness Hank wearing binoculars and watching cartoons with Molly mesmerized watching Hank from her boppy pillow nest.)