Mopping Metaphor



Hank:  I have to be careful because Pai told me I can’t go anywhere it is wet.

Me:  Well you better not paint yourself into a corner.

Hank:  Mommy this isn’t paint.  It is water.  I am mopping not painting.

Me:  It’s a metaphor.

Hank: (not looking up from his task) I don’t know what that is.

Me: A metaphor is a story or phrase that isn’t what is happening, but explains it perfectly.

Pai:  (from another room) Comparison by analogy.

Me: Like ‘don’t paint yourself into a corner’ while mopping. What would happen if you painted this whole floor and don’t leave a way to get out?  You’d be trapped.  Or you’d ruin the paint with your footprints.  See how that metaphor works with mopping?

Hank:  I know!  I’ll jump my way out.


What do you do with a diary?


Hank:  Mama?  What do you do with a diary?

Me:  A diary is like a calendar.  You can write what you did or what the weather was or about your feelings or adventures.  Or you can draw. My sketch book is like a diary.

Hank:  OH!  I can do that.

Me: Wonderful. (getting up to leave)

Hank:  Mama, what color is foggy gray?

Me:  I think you just answered your own question:  Foggy Gray.  Gray… Cinzento (gray), but not heavy gray.  Fog is light in color, but not too light.  You cannot see through fog.  Make it too light and that is mist and not fog.

Hank:  Oh, thank you.  And Quinta-Feira (Thursday) is grassy green. Today was a grassy day.

Me: Indeed.