Wishing You All A Very Merry Unbirthday

This is what 38 looks like.

This is what 38 looks like.


Pai: Is everything on the table that needs to be on the table?

Me: I’m happy.

Hank: Amália needs a water glass.

Pai: Okay, anything else?

Hank: No.

Me: Nope.

Pai: (returning with said water glass) Great, now we can start the birthday!

Me: Hurray!

Hank: Happy birthday, mom.

Me: Thanks, buddy.

Molly: It your birthday?

Me: Yes, today is my birthday, Ms. Molly MaGoo.

Molly: (pouting) Awe, I want it my birthday, too! Share?

Me: You would like me to share my birthday with you?

Molly: (perks up) YAH!

Me: Well, I’d be honored. Happy Unbirthday, Amália!

Pai: Happy Un-Birthday, filha (daughter)!

Hank: (whispers in my ear) But mom, do you think it is a good idea to make her think it is also her birthday, I mean, this is your day.

Me: Trust me, it’s perfectly fine. Today is also your unbirthday.

Hank: Wait, un-birthday? (catching on) Ohhhh.

Me: (winking at him, singing) Aaaaaaaaaa very merry unbirthday to you!

Molly: To me?

Me: Yes, you! (turning to Hank) A very merry unbirthday to you!

Hank: There is a song for this?

Me: (singing) Now blow the candle out my dear and make your wish come true!

Hank: Is this a real song or are you making it up?


Pai: Haven’t we learn yet that with your mother there is always a song.





Gummy Bears were hurt in the process of writing this blog

Gummy Bears were hurt in the process of writing this blog


Me: Hank?

Hank: Yah?

Me: Why are there gummy bears on the living room door?

Hank: What?

Me: A pair of gummy bears is sitting on my living room door.

Hank: Hold on (abandons his homework). What the…

Me: I know, right! Did you do this?

Hank: No, I don’t even like gummy candy.

Me: Amália Sofia?

Molly: (in her bedroom) Sim?

Me: Can you come here, please?

Molly: I coming! (running into the living room, curls bouncing) I here!

Hank: Amália, how did these gummy bears sit on this door? Was it you?

Me: Was it the fairies?

Molly: OH! Those my friends. I no eat them. I love them.

Hank: Awe, that is so sweet.

Molly: (bouncing away) I eat them tomorrow.

Me: (riots of laughter)

Hank: You know what that was mom? That was savage. My sister is savage.

Me: (nodding, totally in love with my life)


Post Pterodactyl Breakfast (A Conversation with Molly)

conversations with hank


(wiggling a still teary eye’d but now calm Molly into clothes)

Me: Já está, all done!

Molly: I dressed.

Me: Finalmente (finally).

Molly: I dressed, mama!

Me: And was it really worth all that pterodactyl screeching protest?

Molly: (giggling) I dressed! (twirling to admire her outfit)

Me: I swear our poor neighbors must thing we’re raising a dinosaur up here!

Molly: (crawling up next to me on the sofa) How your day, mommy?

Me: (looking down at my bathrobe) My day is just beginning, silly chicken.

Molly: No today (shaking her head, curls bouncing) other day.

Me: You mean yesterday?

Molly: How your essssterday, mommy?

Me: My yesterday was busy, lovie. It was very busy and full, but I was able to stop for a moment and meet my good friend for a coffee and a cookie in the middle and that made my day even better before coming home to you.

Molly: Cookie! I like cookies, mommy.

Me: I know you do.

Molly: I have a cookie, please?

Me: A cookie for breakfast?

Molly: No. No for breakfast, but right now, please?

Me: You’re a clever one, MaGoo, but we don’t keep cookies in this house.

Molly: (disappointed) Awe no?

Me: But we have wonderful options for your breakfast so let’s try again.

Molly: (thinking) Yogurt?

Me: No one ever called you dumb, not one day. (getting up to fetch her a yogurt)

Molly: (calling after me) A banana yogurt, please?

Me: Coming right up!