Me: Hank?  How many magic wands does a little boy need?

Hank: One

Me:  Why?

Hank: (pause) Because a magic wand is special and more then one wouldn’t make the magic special anymore.  So the magic wouldn’t work.

Me: Ok.  Thanks.

Hank: BUT Mama!  Don’t forget to make wands for you and Pai, you need magic too, so we can all be magic together.

Me: Sounds just right.


How many experiments do I need to get sobremesa? (dessert)


Hank: Mama, I am gonna try my arroz (rice) sozinho (alone) to see if it is different than with the avocado.

Me: Sure.  That is a good experiment.  Can you say that?

Hank: Experiment.

Me: Very good. Do you know what kind of person uses experimentation in their work?

Pai: Me

Hank: Pai?  OH! Scientists.

Me: Yup.

Hank: And your science is art.

Me: Kinda. I also do a ton of experimentation with my art and drawing to find new ideas.

Hank: (pause for chewing) It does.  My rice is different sozinho (alone).

Pai: Good observation.

Hank: Mama, please help me say that.

Me Ob- ser-va-tion (with Hank repeating after each syllable)

Pai: An observation is what you see or learn from an experiment.

Hank: My food is science?

Pai: It could be.

Me: For now I prefer the act of experimentation and observation while actively eating.

Hank: (bites) Yum. Food science is yummy.

Pai: Especially when made by your Mãe.

Me: Why thank you scientists.

Hank: How many experiments do I need to get sobremesa (dessert)?


The Moon


Hank:  You know in the day the moon is sleeping.

Me: Not true.

Hank: Yes!

Me: In the day the moon is on the other side of the earth.  In the day the moon is in Fiji and Australia.  On the other side of the world.

Pai: Yup.

Me:  The moon is too busy making the oceans’ tide to sleep.

Hank:  No!  He is tired.

Pai: Is this a story, Hank?

Hank:  Yes!

Pai: In that case, please tell us the story.

Hank: Once each day, when the sun comes out, the moon gets in his bed and goes to sleep, because he was tired form making the oceans work.  The End.

Me: Wonderful.

Pai: Great story.

Hank: So what is the real truth?