While walking in a field with grass to our knees


Me: Oh Hank!  Look!

Hank:  What is it?

Me: These are buttercups!

Hank: Buttercups?  Like in our story about the people who live in the buttercups?

Me: The very same.

(puts his finger into a butter cup then licks it)

Hank:  But?

Me: (laughing) Nope, buttercups do not taste like butter.

Hank:  Can we take some home to draw?

Me:  Only if they do not have houses.

Hank: Mama, that is only in our story.

Me: Is it?

Hank: (looking closer before he picks)


Aunt vs Ant

Me: **  “The Hemulen always wore a dress that he had inherited form his aunt.  I believe all Hemulens wear dresses.  It seems strange, but there you are.  Author.”

Hank: Aunt?  Wait an ant?

Me: The reason you are confused is because the difference Aunt and Ant are in the spelling.  This is something that you have to understand the context or what the writer is talking about to know which Aunt she means.  In English Tia is Aunt spelled: A-U-N-T. We always use the Portuguese word Tia.  For example your Tia Kay Kay, I have always called Aunt Kay.  A formiga is spelled A-N-T.  Here look… (draw it out)

Hank: Ok.  So The Hemulen didn’t get the vestido (dress) from a formiga (ant) but from his Tia (aunt)?

Me: Exactly. Great job. Sometimes things are not always clear and the answers are in the details.

Hank: Like spelling.  What happens next, please?

Me: Right! “Among the earth and leaves lay a very small spring-onion…”


** Excerpts from Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson


After Saturday morning pajamas and books


Hank:  Mama, do you want to play with me?

Me: All day long, but right now I need to step away and get some work done, so I can play a little later.

Hank: Oh.  Why are you always working?

Me: Because I am an adult, and a mama, and I have to earn a living and share my talents and skills.  I am very lucky to get to work in what I am most passionate about.  Imagine if you had a story to tell or a picture to draw and you didn’t have paper or canetas (markers) to draw it with.  How would that feel?

Hank:  I would feel sad.

Me: That is what it is like to not be able to do what you really love in your life.  Both your Pai and I are able to do what we are most passionate about as our jobs and that is called living your dreams.

Hank:  I want to live in my dreams too when I am big.

Me: And you will.  Because you are smart and lovely and strong and you have seen your Pai and I do so and we will help you.

Hank: Ok.

Me: (leaving the room) Later will you help me plant some beans?

Hank:  Are beans a part of your dreams?

Me: (giggling) They’re a part of my Saturday dream and you have the perfect fingers to plant beans and then we can read jack and the beanstalk and sit in the sun and do some veranda cloud watching.

Hank: And I was hoping we could eat waffles for lunch, because we are Americans and we can do that.

Me: Sounds like a plan.