Art and Science (an after dinner conversation)




Me: Pai? How do you think science and art are alike?

Pai: Both are about discovery.  Artist and Scientist discover what the world is all about. What about you, Mai?

Me: I think they are alike in courage.  Creative people are very brave. What do you think Hank?

Hank: I wonder…  I wonder… What is that last bit of chocolate doing there and if anyone needs me to eat it for them?

Pai: Go on.  It’s all yours.


Hank sitting on the step down into my office:

Batatas Fritas


Hank: Mama, can you please come here and help tie my shoes.

Me: Of course. (swivel in my chair and narrate) I am imagining I just dove into the sea and I am swimming to you and you are a baby seal and I am your mama with a fish.

Hank: bark, bark. Fish! (Pantomimed eating)  Mama, what are sharks made of?

Me: Shark.

Hank:  Mama, be serious.

Me:  I am serious.  Sharks are made of shark meat, just like pigs and cows are made of carne (meat) and galinhas (chickens) are made of frango and people are made of flesh.

Hank:  No mama.  I am not.  I am not made of flesh.

Me: Yes, you are.

Hank:  Oh no I am not.  I am made of batatas fritas! (french fries)

Me: (roaring with laughter) Yes.  I believe you are.

Hank: (giggling himself blue)