The Garden Story of Us


Hank:  Mama, you should write a story about gardens.

Me: Why?  There are already so many great stories about gardens: Planting A RainbowThe Good Brown EarthThe Carrot SeedMrs. Spitzer’s GardenThe Gardner.

Hank:  But those stories are not by you.  They are by those people.  You should write a story about gardens.  Your story.

Me:  Why?

Hank:  (thinking) Because only you can write your story.  And it would be good.  And I would know it.  Because I know you.

Me: I think we just wrote it.

Hank:  When?

Me:  Just now.  You and I.  This is a story about a garden.

Hank:  I will get my canetas (markers) you get the lapis (crayons).  You write the words.  I will write H-A-N-K and we will draw the pictures together.

Me: What should our story be called?

Hank:  (thinking)  Us.  The garden story of us.

Me: (writing it all down)




Hank: You know mama?  A lot of kids at my school don’t like salada (salad).

Me: Yup.

Pai: You use to think you didn’t like salad, because you had never tried it. Kids are nervous of things they don’t know.

Me: It took a long time and a ton of work to get you to like salad on your own.  Remember?

Hank: Yes.

Me: At first you would take the tiniest nibble and next you would only eat purple lettuce, which posed a challenge, but over time…

Hank: How long?

Pai: A long time.

Hank: Trinta anos (30 years)?

Me: HA! Almost, three.  Three years.

Hank: Really? And I am five.

Me: Yup, so more then half your life.

Pai: It was a lot of work, but we never gave up.

Me: And now our hard work pays off.

Hank: In my belly!!!  Did you hear my joke?

(all giggling and chewing)


Morning Frustration


Hank:  (pouting from my office steps) Mama?  Why don’t I ever get to go to school?

Me: Silly Rabbit.  Maybe if you didn’t decide to wake up oh so very early it wouldn’t feel like such a long wait.  Go and get your shoes on, please.

Hank:  (with shoes) Oh, why is it taking so long for school?

Me:  Come here, chick.  Let me teach you a trick.  The best way to make things happen faster is to offer help.  Repeat after me: Papa, Is there anything I can do to help you?

Hank:  Is there anything I can help you with, Papa?

Me:  Good!  Now, go see if it works.

(few minutes later)

Hank: Mama! Kiss!!  (whispers in my ear) That trick works.  I love you! Bye!

Me: Love you too! Both of you!!