Chew slowly. Math will wait.


Me: What do you want for sobremesa (dessert)?

Hank: What do we have, please?

Me: Chá e lagartos (tea and caterpillar cookies), um Calippo (popsicle) or pears.

Hank: Um.  I want lagartos (caterpillars), but no chá (tea).

Me: Ok. (Leave and return to the dinner table with a plate of cookies and tea for two)

Hank: If you have three cookies and you eat one, then you have two.

Pai: Yes.

Me: Good math!

Hank: (with mouth full) AND if you eat only a bite you have three and a half.

Pai:  Close.  Lets count.  One… Two… and

Hank: A half. Oh.

Me:  When you take a bite it is no longer a whole and becomes a half, so two and a half.

Hank: Yes!  I understand. (bite) Now I have two cookies.  (bite) Now I have one and a half. (bite)

Me: Whoa.  Slow down mathematician.  Enjoy those cookies.

Pai: Chew slowly. Math will wait.