Upon seeing some of my artwork




Hank: Wow.  I didn’t know you were a good artist.

Me:  I am.  I went to art school.  You know how your Pai went to school and studied computers and then science?  Well, I went to school to study art.

Hank:  What do you do at art school?

Me:  You learn to take what is in your imagination and make it real.

Hank: Mama! You do that every day.  That is what you do.

Me: Yup. And that is also what Pai does with science.  He and I live creative lives.

Hank: Me too.

Me:  The whole family!

Hank:  I love my family.

Me: Nothing better than that.


Which do you like better?

Me:  Which do you like better, Summer or Winter?

Hank:  Spring.  I like spring.  It is my best time.  It makes plants grow. I like winter and summer, Saturday and Monday and that is it.

Me:  Which do you like better, lemonade or chocolate milk?

Hank: I like both, because I tried each other, first lemonade then chocolate milk and I like both.

Me:  Well lets pretend you were going to a deserted island and you could only chose one to take with you, which would it be lemonade or chocolate milk?

Hank: Chocolate milk.  And then when it was time for no more chocolate milk I would choose water.

Me: (yelled between rooms) Riddle me this Pai…  Lemonade or chocolate milk?

Pai:  Is that a real question?

Hank:  YES!

Pai:  I don’t know.  Depends on the heat.

Hank:  Mommy, what is your favorite drink?

Me:  Vinho Verde (green wine).

Pai:  (now in the room and the conversation) That is kinda like lemonade.

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