When we were opening your package

happy lady


Hank: Tia Paula lives with the girl I love.

Me: Willow?

Hank:  Yes, but that is not her name.  What did I call her?

Me: Whoa-Whoa.

Hank:  Because I couldn’t say Willow then.

Me: Your mouth wasn’t ready to say Willow.

Hank: Yah.

Me: You know Willow no longer lives with Tia Paula.  She has her own house.

Hank: She is a lady now.

Me: Indeed.


Adult Words



Me: (slams elbow into the door) GOD BLESS IT!

Hank: Mommy, is godblessit an adult word?

Me: (still wincing) No.  It is a nice thing to say.  It means I want nothing but good things to happen to that door.

Hank:  (blank stare of confusion)

Me: I made a better choice then using an adult word.

Hank:  Like when I say APPLESAUCE instead of shit when I spill water?

Me: Exactly.


Café Convo

chickin the sun


Hank:  You know Mama, someday I will get old and you, you are going to get very old.

Me:  Yup.

Hank:  And then you’ll be a grandma.

Me: Yes, when you have kids I will be their Grand-Ma and because I call you chicken I am gonna call your kids, clucks.

Hank:  And you will get very, very, very old and so will Pai and one day you’ll die (holding up a finger) one minute and the next minute Papa will die too.

Me:  Sounds beautiful.

Hank:  But it will take a long time and before you die and I will buy you a walking stick.

Me:  Can it be a very distinguished walking stick?

Hank: Of course.

Me: Sounds good to me.