Midway through a family conversation

mommy and baby

Me:  You are correct!

Hank:  What does correct mean?

Me:  It means that you have the right idea. The correct answer is the answer that was needed.  Thank you for asking what correct means.  That is very scholarly of you.  I am forever asking Pai what words mean and he is forever referring me to the dictionary.  It started when we were first dating when he assumed I would know what terse meant.

Pai: Well, you do now.

Me:  That is correct!

Hank:  And then you chose to have a baby!

Me:  Well, not that day, but later on yes and you are that baby.

Hank:  And I was in your belly and I kicked and kicked.

Pai:  You kicked because you were learning how to move and because you were inside Mommy she felt it.

Me:  Oh man did I! I walked around with a bag of frozen bag of peas on my belly for three months.

Hank:  (roaring with laughter) Peas! Mama, that is silly business!

Me:  You are correct-a-mundo.

Hank:  (doubled over with laughter)

Pai:  He’ll never see a pea the same again.

Hank: (positively purple with laughter)


Rocking Chair


Hank:  Mama, I need you.

Me: Diga (tell me)

Hank:  (silent with the saddest puss-in-boots face ever made by an actual human)

Me: Oh. My. What is it?

Hank: I am sad and sick.

Me: Let me feel your head…  hum.  You are a little warm.  Quick! Climb into my lap for a snuggle.  It’s Medicinal.

Hank: (huge beaming smile)

Me: (from a hug) Oh that smile!  It is my favorite smile on the planet…

Hank: Because it is ½ yours and ½ pai’s (dad’s), but it is all mine.

Me: Have I told you this before?

Hank:  Yup.

Me: (rocking) I use to rock you like this when you were a baby.

Hank:  In our rocking chair.

Me: You remember that chair?

Hank:  Yes, in our America house.  It had a good rock.

Me:  Well, we didn’t always have that chair.  After you were born we use to sit on the couch and rock back and forth and one day your Uncle Andy came over and saw us rocking chair-less and came back with that rocking chair.

Hank:  I love him.

Me: Me too.

Hank:  Mama, you’re right, snuggling is medicine.


Hank waking up from a sick day nap



Hank: (sleepy sick sitting up. face pillow creased)

Me: Well, hello ducky.

Hank: It’s dark.

Me: You fell asleep. Look who’s home.

Hank: It’s Papa.  (stretching) Olá Pai.

Pai: Olá Filho ( Hello son).

Me: What do you think of this Papa?

Hank: Good.

Me: Should we keep him or get another one?

Hank: Keep him.  He’s good and we can’t have another you’re married.

Me: (belly laughing)

Pai: I believe you just got school by a five year old.

Hank: And you love him.

Me: And I love him. Too true.