A Snail Slumper Party

Snail slumber party

Me: Hurray!! We have a visitor!

Hank: Who is it?

Me: Look a baby caracol (snail) has come home on our lettuce.

Hank: Oh, how sweet.

Me: Lets get him a lettuce snack and a damp dish.

Hank: Mommy?  Do caracóis (snails) brush their teeth?

Me: Excellent question, Hank. No, I do not believe they brush their teeth, as they do not have hands. In fact I do not know if they have teeth…  this is something we will have to investigate.

Hank:  Ok, but now I just want to watch him watch me.

(After a proper watching amount of time.)

Hank: Oh mommy.  He is not eating.

Me: He must not be hungry.

Hank:  Mama, I don’t want to feed him to the galinhas (chickens).

Me: Honey, we only feed big fat caracóis (snails) with cracked shells from the garden to the galinhas (chickens).  This guy is new.  He has a ton of life left before he is ready to be eaten.

Hank: Can we keep him?

Me: Just until the walk to school tomorrow and then you will have to drop him off in a nice, lush bit of shrubbery.

Hank:  I am having a snail slumber party?

Me: Looks like it.

Hank: On a school night? This is the best.



After watching The Muppet Movie

After watching The Muppet Movie


Hank: BUT he IS a muppet.

Me: You and I can see that, but he can’t.  Sometimes you can’t see who you really are.  It took me a very long time to know I was an artist.  I tried to be a hundred other things and Pai was an engineer before he realized he was a scientist.

Hank: But I already know I am an artist.

Me: And that is a gift.  For some people it is a journey to find out who they are.

Pai: Or a movie musical.

Me: Indeed.


While listening to Wagner



Me: Hank? What do you think of this lady?

Hank: (doodling) Good.

Me: What do you think she is saying?

Hank: I donno.

Me: I think she is singing about moedas (coins):  (In my worst/best operatic voice)  “Oh! I have lost my carteira (wallet)! Oh! I cannot find my moedas (coins).  Oh! I have go to the padaria (bakery).  I need moedas (coins) for my pão (bread)!”

Hank: (Laughing) I think she is singing about her Christmas Tree:   (In his best/worst operatic voice)  “Oh! I seem to have lost my my my my baby Christmas Treeee!”