During Dinner



Me: Did you get some gravy Hank?

Hank:  No, I do not want any gravity.

Pai:  I am afraid you cannot escape gravity, but you can escape gravy.

Hank:  I propose… No thank you.

Me:  Spoken like a future astronaut.


Crayon time

Hank: Mama look.  I am coloring around these stickers.

Me:  Awesome

Hank:  Mama,  Can you please stop using that word?  You always saying: awesome, beautiful, thankyouverymuch, nice job.  You speak really well.  Can you use other words?

Me:  Ok.  How about SUPER DUPER!

Hank:  Too loud.

Me: Spectacular!

Hank: That’s Portuguese.  I want new English words please.

Me:  Um.  Ok. How about…  Terrific!

Hank:  That’s my mama!

(later on in the coloring)

Hank:  What about this?

Me: Terrific

Hank: (giggles) You’re silly and you listen and I love you.

bird coloring


What do you do with a diary?


Hank:  Mama?  What do you do with a diary?

Me:  A diary is like a calendar.  You can write what you did or what the weather was or about your feelings or adventures.  Or you can draw. My sketch book is like a diary.

Hank:  OH!  I can do that.

Me: Wonderful. (getting up to leave)

Hank:  Mama, what color is foggy gray?

Me:  I think you just answered your own question:  Foggy Gray.  Gray… Cinzento (gray), but not heavy gray.  Fog is light in color, but not too light.  You cannot see through fog.  Make it too light and that is mist and not fog.

Hank:  Oh, thank you.  And Quinta-Feira (Thursday) is grassy green. Today was a grassy day.

Me: Indeed.