Fairies make bubbles?


Hank:  Mommy, the fairies made me a bubble island in my bath

Me: Fairies make bubbles?

Hank: Yes, they make bubbles and bottles and houses.

Me:  Good to know.

Hank:  Fairies are magic and they have wands and they wave then and go Tah-rrrring Tah-rrring.  Like that.

Me:  Fairies are magic, but you are magic too, because you have your imagination.

Hank:  And I can make a wand

Me:  And you can make the sound

Hank: (with feeling and splashing willy-nilly) Tah-rrrring! Tah-rrrrring!

Me: See…

Hank:  Magic!




Me:  Hank?  What do you call an alligator in a vest?

Hank:  What?

Me:  An investigator.

Hank:  What’s an investigator?

Me:  like a detective.

Hank:  Alligators are detectives?

Me:  Do you think you’re ready for jokes?

Hank: No mama.

Me: But are you ready to draw the pictures to our story about an alligator detective?

Hank: YES!

Me:  Great.  Get your crayons.  Once upon a time…