Clash of the Fandoms

Queen Elsa of Arondale (notice the regal cape) Coloring

Queen Elsa of Arendelle (notice the regal cape) Coloring


Me: Amália Sofia Hanford Pereira!

Molly: (spooked, knowing the sound of her full name means she is in trouble) NOTHING!

Me: Nothing! That’s right, nothing. You have absolutely nothing on your feet.

Molly: (looks down at her feet)

Me: Where are your monster slippers?

Molly: I don’t need them.

Me: Excuse me? It is now cold, my only darling daughter, and you are sick.  You get something on your feet right now.

Molly: I don’t need shoes.

Me: Come again?

Molly: (stomps her foot)

Me: Does that foot get you anything in life?

Molly: I AM QUEEN ELSA OF ARENDELLE! I have the power of snow and ice. THE COLD NEVER BOTHER ME ANYWAY! Harrumph!

Me: And I am He-Man, Master of the Universe and By the Power of Greyskull I will not take you to the ER with pneumonia so get something on your feet, Queen Elsa. Já (quick).

Molly: (full body eye roll) Fine.

Me: And for your information, Queen Elsa always wears shoes. Ask me how I know this;(mumbling) making me watch Frozen 1,684,236 times.

Molly: (now wearing slippers, shuffles off with her royal nose in the air)




Frog in Her Throat

Having a frog in her throat does not stop our Molly from practicing ballet

Having a frog in her throat does not stop our Molly from practicing ballet


Molly: (walks into the living room with an empty water glass having just woken up with sudden onset laryngitis, squeak-whispering) Mama, I want some water, please. No juice.  I want some juice, please.

Me: Amália Sofia! Did you swallow a frog yesterday?

Molly: (eyes wide, takes a heartbeat to decide, low energy whisper screams) Yes.

Me: You did, indeed! How did that frog get in there?

Molly: (thinking rather loudly)

Me: (fetching her some water)



Molly: (whispers) It was the wind.

Me: It was?

Molly: (nodding, whispering) At school. It was the wind.

Me: And I bet you were laughing.

Molly: (excited whispers) I was laughing and laughing and then a frog went in my throat.

Me: That happens sometimes and now there is no room for your voice!

Molly: (whispers) Yes, there is only a frog, no voice, but he is nice. I can share.

Me: That is kind of you, Amália.

Molly: (nodding into her water glass)


Epilogue: After two days residence Molly woke up this morning and declared with the power of her full voice that her frog hopped out and moved away. Bye, Frog!


Why is it Orange When Milk is White? A Kraft Macceroni and Cheese Question.

conversations with hank and molly kraft macaroni and cheese


Molly: Hurray! (clapping)

Hank: I can’t believe we are finally getting to try this. I have watched so many review vlogs on American Food and this is always included.

Me: I present to you, my darling chickens, my childhood: Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Molly: YUM! On my Teeny-Tiny plate, please. On my teeny-tiny plate, mama. I love massa (pasta).

Hank: (suspect)

Molly: (swan dives right in) Yummmmy.

Hank: (sampling delicately) Um…

Molly: It’s YUMMMY, Mommy!

Hank: Can I add pepper? Is it rude to say this doesn’t have a ton of flavor?

Me: Give it a good stir and pepper is a great idea.

Hank: (mixing, dashing, mixing)

Molly: More please, mama. More please on my teeny-tiny plate.

Me: Molly is putting the Americana (American) in Luso-Americana (Portuguese American)!

Hank: (with a face like something smells bad) What is this stuff made of?

Me: Cheese, obvi.

Hank: But milk is white. Why is this orange? What cheese is orange? Why is this a thing?

Me: That is possibly the most European thing you have ever said to me. We shall google.

Molly: More please. More maggeronni, please.

Hank: Would it be rude to say I didn’t like this? I don’t like this. The pepper helped, but I don’t like this.

Me: It wouldn’t be rude. This is what happens when you are raised on homemade macaroni and cheese. It doesn’t make you any less patriotic, Hank.

Hank: I love root beer and barbecue and your macaroni and cheese, but yah, I don’t like this. I appreciate Tricia and Karen (family friends visiting from the US) bringing us this to try. I just…

Molly: More, please. I like it! Maggeronni is yummy. I eat it, mano (brother). You not rude. I eat it.

Hank: Thank you, mana (sister).