Revision: British for Studying

A short reminder text Hank sent from school. This boy.

A short reminder text Hank sent from school.



Me: (internally panicked that I have forgotten something) Tomorrow? What’s so exciting about tomorrow?

Hank: (slack jawed eye-roll) Duh, mom, my Amazon-Spain order arrives.

Me: (relieved) OH, also be kind.

Hank: Sorry, my excitement made me sassy.

Me: I have a deep, abiding love for all things stationary and school supplies, but I feel you have surpassed even me when it comes to such things.

Hank: I know I am weird, but I am so excited about my new Japanese pencil case, pens and especially the mild-lighters.

Me: Which are like high-lighters…

Hank: But mild.

Me: Meaning not day-glow and blinding.

Hank: Exactly.

Me: Those do sound exciting, but what I find even more thrilling is your attention to studying and raising your grades at school.

Hank: I love revision!

Me: I love that you say revision instead of studying like a proper British pre-school kid.

Hank: That is how my English teacher says it.

Me: Well, she is training y’all for the Cambridge Exam so bravo, pip-pip and tallyho!

Hank: I really love doing well in school and feeling prepared in class and I don’t even miss all the video games I used to play all day long! Now, it is like they are more special because I only really play them on weekends, accept for Animal Crossing.

Me: You waited three years for Animal Crossing-New Leaf I would hope it still holds your attention.

Hank: It is the cutest and my favorite game and perfect for 15 minute study breaks.

Me: Buddy, I will invest in your passions as long as you show me a return on my investments. In the immortal words of your father, “Talent needs supplies.”

Hank: Good revision is a talent! It isn’t easy until it becomes easy.

Me: Until it becomes routine.

Hank: Yes! And now I can’t imagine not revising every day. It’s like you said, “5-9th grade are the foundation.”

Me: And you can’t build a house on a shaky foundation and expect it to last.

Hank: (sigh) When I come home tomorrow it is going to be the best day ever. I even know exactly the spread I am going to make in my bullet journal first!

Me: You do you, pal, you do you and be happy.

Hank: (practically skipping out of the room) I AM SO HAPPY!



We All Have A Skeleton (A Conversation with Molly)

Take your daughter to work day! Molly with the research psychologists at University of Minho.

Take your daughter to work day! Molly with the research psychologists at University of Minho wearing her “Power Ranger” sensors.


Juliana (psychology grad-student researcher): Now Amália would you like to play a game?

Molly: YAH! I a Power Ranger! (showing off her cool head and wrist band sensors worn for the experiment)

Juliana: You are a Power Ranger? Wow!

Molly: Yah! (showing off her Power Ranger moves)

Juliana: I am have a puzzle just for Power Rangers.

Molly: Hurray!!!

Juliana: (placing a puzzle in front of Molly to put together, the kind of puzzle where you remove a puzzle piece with the exterior of a food and underneath you see what is on the inside of the food) What Power Ranger are you?

Me: Are you the Red Power Ranger, the Blue Power Ranger?

Molly: I all dem.

Me: She’s all of them.

Juliana: Wow.

Molly: (removes the fish puzzle piece)

Me: Look Amália, this is the fish skeleton.

Molly: WHAT!?! Loooooook, Juliana! SKELETON FISH!

Juliana: Yes, those are the bones of the fish.

Molly: You like skeleton, Juliana?

Juliana: No, I don’t like skeletons, I am scared of them.

Molly: (serious) They not scary.

Me: Amália loves the skeleton.

Molly: (nodding, jumping to her feet, pointing) You have one! You have one skeleton!

Me: Amália’s best friend is also scared of skeletons so I told her to help her friend not be scared she could explain we all have a skeleton so we shouldn’t be scared of them.

Molly: Juliana, you have skeleton! You have a coluna (spine). You have crânio (skull).

Juliana: I do! I won’t be scared anymore.

Molly: You no scared. You have skeleton! You no scared anymore!

Juliana: Amália, can we play another game?

Molly: Sure!





Photo credit: Rosino

A traditional Carnival outfit in the Bragança region of Portugal.  Photo credit: Rosino  (<– an amazing photo portfolio of Portugal and beyond! Click on this link, y’all!)



Hank: I love ferias (vacation)!

Molly: Ferias (vacation)?

Me: We have five days of ferias (vacation) to celebrate Carnaval!

Molly: Ferias (vacation)?

Me: Ferias (vacation) is when people who work or go to school have time off to rest and relax.

Hank: So this week I don’t go to school until um… Quinta-Feira (Thursday).

Me: Thursday.

Hank: Argh, the days of the week are always hard for me.

Me: I get it.

Hank: But it doesn’t matter, really.  Ferias means not knowing what day it is.

Me: Truth.

(We’re having a good old family Staycation for the next three days full of photo walks, good food and friends. See y’all on Quinta-Feira (Thursday) for all new conversations!)