In the end practically all was eaten and enjoyed by all.

In the end practically all was eaten and enjoyed by all.


Hank: (emerging from studying for his English test) What is this amazing smell?

Me: Moussaka! It’s Greek.

Pai: Apparently it’s like Greek empadão.

Me: And empadão is like Portuguese shepherd’s pie.

Hank: Just promise me there is no zucchini.

Me: I promise you there is no zucchini.

Hank: Then what is this part.

Me: Eggplant.

Hank: What is eggplant again?

Pai: Berinjela (eggplant).

Hank: (suspect)

Me: (war weary eye-roll from the years and years it took Hank eat anything) Listen, I too have never had moussaka, but I’m going to dive in. If you like the smell you’re going to like the taste.

Hank: Oh, I am going to try it. I don’t want to be disrespectful. I know I have eaten eggplant in soups and sauces and stuff I’m just (takes a bite and chews).

Me: (holding my breath)

Pai: This is good.

Hank: This is good, but the eggplant is not my favorite.

Me: (exhausted last ditch effort) The whole dish tastes of eggplant. There is no avoiding the flavor of eggplant.

Hank: I love the flavor of the eggplant, but it’s well… (choosing his words carefully) I am going to have to put eggplant in the mushroom category.

Pai: What does that mean?

Me: (surrender) It means it is a texture thing. Like mushrooms if made in certain ways he will enjoy it but this way…

Hank: It is gummy and I hate it in my mouth and it makes me want to vomit. The flavor is great but no, just no. But mom, I love the filling.

Me: And I love the eggplant so let’s swap.

Hank: This is why you’re my best mom.

Me: (deep exhausted sigh paired with a smile)

Molly: Hey, wats that? (pointing to her plate)

Me: (dividing my filling and Hank’s eggplant between the two of us) ROUND TWO!

Pai: It’s called moussaka.

Molly: (dramatic surprise) It’s minhocas (worms)?

Me: (cough to cover up my laughter)

Hank: (giggling)

Pai: No Amália, it’s like empadão. It’s very good.

Molly: No pai, loooooook. Look! It’s minhocas (worms)! Tem muitos minhocas (It has a lot of worms)!

Pai: That is eggplant, filha (daughter). Provar (try it).

Molly: (super suspect)