Post Pterodactyl Breakfast (A Conversation with Molly)

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(wiggling a still teary eye’d but now calm Molly into clothes)

Me: Já está, all done!

Molly: I dressed.

Me: Finalmente (finally).

Molly: I dressed, mama!

Me: And was it really worth all that pterodactyl screeching protest?

Molly: (giggling) I dressed! (twirling to admire her outfit)

Me: I swear our poor neighbors must thing we’re raising a dinosaur up here!

Molly: (crawling up next to me on the sofa) How your day, mommy?

Me: (looking down at my bathrobe) My day is just beginning, silly chicken.

Molly: No today (shaking her head, curls bouncing) other day.

Me: You mean yesterday?

Molly: How your essssterday, mommy?

Me: My yesterday was busy, lovie. It was very busy and full, but I was able to stop for a moment and meet my good friend for a coffee and a cookie in the middle and that made my day even better before coming home to you.

Molly: Cookie! I like cookies, mommy.

Me: I know you do.

Molly: I have a cookie, please?

Me: A cookie for breakfast?

Molly: No. No for breakfast, but right now, please?

Me: You’re a clever one, MaGoo, but we don’t keep cookies in this house.

Molly: (disappointed) Awe no?

Me: But we have wonderful options for your breakfast so let’s try again.

Molly: (thinking) Yogurt?

Me: No one ever called you dumb, not one day. (getting up to fetch her a yogurt)

Molly: (calling after me) A banana yogurt, please?

Me: Coming right up!



My favorite panel of  tiles at the São Bento Train Station in Porto.

My favorite panel of tiles at the São Bento Train Station in Porto.


Hank: (sitting opposite my on the train home from Porto waiting for departure) This was just the best day. Just the best.

Me: (getting settled for the hour+ train ride home) Buddy, I am so glad.

Hank: I just loved this day so much and I know I sometimes have a bad attitude or get sassy and try and tell you I hate my life, but I don’t, I love my life and I love days like this so much.

Me: Thank you so much for saying so.

Hank: I appreciate so much that you took your afternoon to come with me to Porto Editora (where Hank does voiceover work). Today was really fun and all the people there were great and I wasn’t nervous at all and then buying me a iced mint mocha on the way home AND a trip into Tiger! I mean, I think Tiger is my favorite store and I just had so much fun browsing, no THE WHOLE DAY was fun, from school to  having lunch on the train to Porto and talking with the family who shared our seat section! Just the whole day (sigh), thank you, mom.

Me: It was my absolute pleasure.

Hank: OH! And I almost forgot! How was your time in Porto while we worked? Did you have fun with Kylie’s mom.

Me: Who’s name is Rebecca and yes we did, indeed. We went on a bit of a walkabout and found simply the coolest artsy-fartsy Central Commercial with these gigantic sweet gum trees in the courtyard and tons of cool shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants. I can’t wait to go back there. I think it will be my new go-to spot for lunch with friends.

Hank: So we both had the best day?

Me: Yes, I think that is a fair assessment.

Hank: I love that. I am so happy. I am going to remember this day the next time I hate everything.

Me: Life is a mix of ebb and flow, pal. You need a variety of challenges to teach you prospective.

Hank: (digging his headphones out of his bag) Really good motivational advice, mom. You should really consider writing this conversation down for the blog.

Me: (chuckles) Thanks for the suggestion.

Hank: Now, if it’s okay with you I’d like to listen to some music and relax. Are you okay? If you need me I can keep talking with you.

Me: Dive right in, buddy.

Hank: Thanks, mom.

Me: (grinning at his reflection in the window as we pull into the tunnel that leads us out of São Bento train station and towards home.


How was your day?

conversations with hank


Pai: (walking out of the living room, frazzled) Molly’s up. I am running late. Can you somehow manage to get her dressed, fed and her lunch packed in about 20 minutes?

Me: (calm, cool and collected) No problem.

Pai: (dashing off to get ready) Thanks, sorry, you’re the best.

Me: (entering the living room)

Molly: (rolled into a blanket on the sofa with a major case of bedhead)

Me: Good morning, MaGoo.

Molly: Good morning. I hungry.

Me: I’ll go fetch you a yogurt and be right back.

Molly: WAIT!

Me: Yes?

Molly: Wait, mama. How your day, mama? How your day?

Me: I am having a lovely morning, thank you. How is your day so far, Amália?

Molly: (gigantic yawn) I wake up. I no faz chi-chi (pee) in my fralda (diaper). I hungry. I go to Tia’s house (Nanny’s). (nodding)

Me: That sounds like an excellent day, lovie.

Molly: Yah, egg-sealent.

Me: Shall I get your breakfast now?

Molly: No.

Me: But papa is in a rush this morning. He has class. We’ve gotta hustle.

Molly: Me, too? Me too, have class with papa? I go to school?

Me: You will go to school in September.

Molly: September tomorrow?

Me: Not quite.

Molly: (fat tears tumble down her face) NO! School tomorrow! School tomorrow, okay mama?

Me: (walking over to the sofa) I am sorry school isn’t tomorrow, MaGoo.

Molly: (crying into my fleece bathrobe)

Me: BUT at Tia’s house you can play school! You can pretend school with Ariana!

Molly: Yah?

Me: Yah. One of you can be the teacher and the other the student and then you switch.

Molly: I the teacher, mama. Me! I teacher.

Me: Alright, you can be the teacher.

Molly: I teacher skeletons.

Me: You’re going to teach Ariana about skeletons?

Molly: Yah. I hungry.

Me: Would you like to come to the kitchen with me and teach me how to open your yogurt?

Molly: (delighted) YAH! I misk it! I misk it, mama.

Me: Perfect.

Molly: (toddling off, curls bouncing) Come on, mama! Papa rush. Come on! We hustle!