All the Pretty Little Horses, I mean Elephants.

Princess Amália of the Moon and Stars and her favorite friend, Charlie Crow.

Princess Amália of the Moon and Stars and her favorite friend, Charlie Crow.


Me: (walking into Hank and Molly’s shared bedroom toting a towel draped Molly, clearing my throat loudly) Ah, hum… Presenting for his highness Hank, Prince of Giggles and Warts…

Hank: And warts?

Me: Her Royal Highness Amália, Princess of the Moon and Stars! (muted trumpet heralding sounds)

Hank: (already in his pajamas, already in bed, clapping)

Molly: (wrapped in a towel, waving) Hello!

Hank: Hello, Princess Amália.

Molly: (pointing to herself) Amália, Princess (nodding).

Me: And tonight we are here by royal decree to bedeck Princess Amália in pajamas, as Prince Hank has already done and ferry her forth to dream land where she shall settle a diplomatic matter between Pulsars and Aurora Borealis to see who has jurisdiction over the northern most quadrant of the Milky Way. It will be quite a tense negotiation as the Borealis believe because they are also known as The Northern Lights they should rule. All rather tricky and important, you see.

Molly: (dramatic) Sky awake. (arm draped over her forehead) I awake. We have to play. (nodding)

Hank: Did she just recreate Frozen?

Me: Every single day. We talk a lot about The Northern Lights, the Princess and I.  I am her royal counsel during these negotiations. The Princess first became aware of the Borealis while learning the story of her cousins Princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Molly: (while being stuffed into pajamas) Mama? Sing no cry song? Elephants?

Hank: Elephants?

Me: You want me to sing the song about not crying to elephants?

Molly: Sim (yes).

Me: Do I know this song?

Molly: (nodding) Sim (yes).

Me: And I have sung this song to you before?

Molly: (nodding)

Hank: I don’t remember an elephant song.

Molly: Hush. Elephants. No crying.

Me: Ooooh. Do you mean (singing), Hush-a-bye don’t you cry, go to sleep my little baby?

Molly: (delighted) SIM (YES)!

Me: (continuing) When you wake you will find, all the pretty little horses.

Molly: Elephants.

Me: The song has always been horses.

Molly: (adamant) Elephants.

Me: For you, Princess, anything, but only if you are polite and respectful and say…

Molly: Elephants, peas. Thank you. (nodding)

Me: (carrying the sleepy Princess of the Moon and Stars to the rocking chair)
Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little elephants.
Black and bays, dapples, grays,
All the pretty little elephants.
Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little elephants.



Good to Know

Should probably also get a hair cut while I'm out for my yoga class.

Should probably also get a hair cut while I’m out for my yoga class.


Me: Hank! Dinner!!

Molly: Chicken? Yummy, chicken! (clapping in appreciation)

Pai: Smells great.

Me: After dinner we need to walk across the hall and thank Boris for the excellent brioche he made for us on Sunday and return his plate.

Pai: That was great brioche.

Hank: (arriving at the table in his pajamas) It does smell great in here.

Me: Hank, are you all right knocking on the neighbor’s door in your pajamas?

Hank: You’re in your pajamas.



Molly: (mouth stuffed with food, oblivious)

Hank: (meek) Aren’t you?

Me: (remaining breezy and fabulous) Well, good to know.

Hank: You aren’t?

Pai: Burn.

Me: (putting soup bowls on each plate) I guess my new relaxed yoga style isn’t reading well to others.

Hank: Oh mama, I am so sorry. I just. You look nice! I just didn’t understand.

Pai: (snickering)

Me: Do not worry, Hank. I am not offended. In fact, thank you. I was trying something new and now I know what looks to me like casual elegance to others looks like pajamas.

Hank: So it is a good thing that I am in my pajamas too because if our neighbors think you are wearing your pajamas then you are not alone and if our neighbors think you are going to yoga then no big deal.

Me: (facepalm)

Pai: (whispers to Hank) Your mother isn’t going to yoga.

Hank: Then why is she…

Pai: Let it go before it’s too late.

Me: Soup?



Pajamas are very important in this house.

Pajamas are very important in this house.


Me: (wrestling an unhappy baby into clothes)

Molly: NO! This! This!

Hank: Good morning! Today is today. It’s Hillary day!

Me: Good morning, Hank. Argh. Amália Sofia!

Hank: Second name means you listen, Moo moo.

Molly: NO! Noooooo. This. Thiss!

Me: What is This? What this? What do you want, Amália? (letting go of the struggle)

Molly: (toddles over to her discarded pajamas) This. (lays down on her pajamas) This, mama. (starts to put her arms back into the pajama sleeves)

Hank: Oh, she doesn’t want to get dressed.

Me: Oh, MaGoo. I totally understand. True story. I am so sorry today is a getting dressed day, but I promise you a no-getting-dressed day on the weekend. You have to go outside and it is getting cold. You have to get dressed to go outside.

Molly: (big, tired tears stuck to her cheeks) Outside?

Hank: Yes, you have to take me to school and then go see Ama (nanny) and Ouis (her husband, Louis) and then Ariana will be there to play.

Molly: Sad. (snuggling into her pajamas) Sad.

Hank: Awe. Mama, she’s sad to leave her pajamas. (laying down next to her, cheek to cheek) I understand, Amália. I love my pajamas in the winter, so so much. (rubbing her back)

Molly: Sad.

Me: We will give you a minute to wake up and say, “Good Day,” to you pajamas, little chicken.

Hank: See watch, Amália. (pops up, yawns, stretches, turns and waves to her pajamas) Good Day, Pajamas! I will see you tonight! I’m getting dressed for the day!

Molly: (giggling, getting up, scooping up her pajamas, giving them a kiss) See you! Bah-Bye! (bringing the pajamas to me, sitting on my lap, attention back on cartoons, ready to get dressed)

Me: (quietly) Thank you, Hank.

Hank: (kissing the top of Molly’s head) She’s my best sister and I am her best big brother.

Me: Ever.