conversations with hank and molly

Me: (in bed)

Molly: Mama?

Me: Ne-Ne?

Molly: Mama, you sick?

Me: My body hurts, chicken. I am resting so that tomorrow is a better day.

Molly: Would you like a smoothie?

Me: I would like a smoothie.

Molly: Would you like a juice or a smoothie?

Me: A smoothie would be lovely, thank you.

Molly: Okay, mama. I make you a get-better smoothie in my smoothie store.

Me: I would be grateful for a get-better smoothie. Thank you, Amália. Thank you for being kind.

Molly: (turning to go suddenly turns back) Oh, but I so sorry, mama. My smoothie store there is no eggplant.

Me: Get-Better smoothies contain eggplant?

Molly: All the time.

Me: Oh.

Molly: Today, I make yours without eggplant. Is that okay, mama?

Me: It is, thank you.

Molly: I will make you two eggplant smoothies tomorrow.

Me: I can hardly wait.

Molly: (arms up in surrender) Today, Anita at the frutaria (produce market) had no eggplant. I said to she, “Hey, I need eggplant for my smoothie store,” and she said, “Sorry, no eggplant.” And I said, “Argh, Anita!” (shaking fist gesture) And she said, “More tomorrow, Amália,” and I said “Okay.”

Me: That happens.

Molly: (shrugs) No eggplants.

Me: Indeed.

Molly: I go make your smoothie now, mama.

Me: Thank you.

Molly: (bouncing out the door) Love you, mama. Be right back.

Me: (face painted with a much needed grin) Can’t wait.


Epilogue: It was a pretend watermelon and pineapple smoothie, my favorite.